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Here at Acacia Publishing we're extremely proud of our authors, whose topics are fascinating and wide-ranging. They are young and old, teachers, psychologists, hobbyists, and, in all cases, lovers of the English language. As you move through this site, you'll find books that are fun, serious, light-hearted, inspiring and informative. We count ourselves fortunate to be able to present answers to dilemmas in the areas of parenting, trauma recovery, investing, healthcare policy and aquifer recharge. And, of course, there are memoirs, fiction, and recipes -- and soon, you'll be able to learn how to grow bushels of tomatoes in the desert without wasting water!

You can order right here, or call us at 480-892-4553 if you'd rather speak to a person. Whatever your taste in books, we almost certainly have something that will tickle your fancy

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The Butlers Did It

The Butlers Did It
A Collection of Family Recipes
by Paige Pohlers Meek

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